Wellbeing Conference Shrewsbury 2019

Wellbeing Conference ShrewsburyWellbeing Conference success

The first Wellbeing Conference & Concert held by June Meagher at University Centre Shrewsbury on 12 December, was a great success.  All 120 seats went within 2 hours of being announced and our keynote speakers Dr Helen Ford, Carmen Lyndley, and Jenny Brooke were outstanding.

Dr Ford discussed how to have a happy day every day and the importance of being honest with yourself, your word and your feelings.

Jenny led a gentle meditation and discussed Silent Presence which she co-founded many years ago and runs regularly in Shropshire and North Wales.  Jenny used to live at Findhorn Eco Village in the North of Scotland, one of the oldest and most respected communities in the UK.

Carmen gave an overview of the Orcadian Rhythms and how we seem to have lost our body clocks.  We groaned when she suggested we do not eat after 5 pm (just before the break where we had tea and cake – oops) and looked at how leaving our gadgets on standby really affect our sleeping patterns.  If you find it difficult to get to sleep try making the room as dark as possible, that should help.

The Sound Temple and Sacred Sound Guru in perfect harmony

The Sound Temple and Sacred Sound Guru in perfect harmony.

Wellbeing conference success till the end

After a short break, we reconvened to listen to the wonderful sounds created by Sound Temple and Sacred Sound Guru.  The beautiful tones of the gongs and crystal bowls gently soothed us as they played for over 30 minutes.

We had great comments and feedback on our Facebook page regarding the event and look forward to doing more Wellbeing Conference & Concert events in Shropshire.