Talking your Walk

Talking your Walk is an uplifting series of talks with ordinary people who lead extraordinary lives.  Some have changed their lives completely, some have had change forced on them through circumstances such as illness or job loss.

Do you want to take part in Talking your Walk ?

If you would like to take part in the Talking your Walk Series, please get in touch with June Meagher on 07447 298661 or contact me or via the contact page.

Gerald Savage talking his walk

Gerald Savage, Director of SoundPill, is an accomplished musicologist and sound healer. Department Chair of the Vocal Department at Pittsburgh CAPA 6-12. Gerald did his Masters in Ethno-musicology and lives in Pittsburgh.

Robert Nutt talking his walk

Robert Nutt along with his partner Alan Harris co-created Chakrascension, a FHT accredited course working with the Ascended Masters. Born in Birmingham, Robert and his sister were brought up by his mother.

Jason Davies talking his walk

Jason Davies was born with Cystic Fibrosis as was his sister and brother and had many battles to overcome but always remained optimistic about what the future held for him including learning Reiki and then becoming a Christian.

Maria Zervas talking her walk

Maria Zervas founded Creative Yoga Motion after studying yoga and then teaching it for years. She then went on to study Somatics and has combined both to bring you Somatic Movement & Gentle Yoga.

Rachel Walker talking her walk

Rachel Walker was born in North Wales and loved nature and history. Going on to get her degree and Masters in History she changed path and founded Under The Dancing Tree offering events, workshops, courses, and training.

Shrinari talking their walk

The beautiful Lucidia and Rafael speak with June on their incredible journey which has seen them both obtain degrees, Lucidia in songwriting and Rafael in psychology and music and together they create beautiful music.

Alison Timmins talking her walk

Allison was born in Shropshire and moved to Birmingham as a young woman to study nursing and became a specialist in renal care. A trip to the US set her on a path that saw her open Shropshire's first Angel shop.

Nikki Davenport talking her walk

Nikki Davenport is a fully trained counsellor with thirteen years’ experience working in the Mental Health Sector. She offers Counselling, Drug and Alcohol Awareness, Hypnotherapy, and Pet Bereavement Counselling.

Amanda Jayne Jones talking her walk

Amanda Jones has been a force to be reckoned with in her work to help refugees and set up CIC Shropshire Supports Refugees after watching a programme on TV on their plight.

Keith Gullis talking his walk

 As a child Keith loved animals and was fascinated by stage hypnotists, not knowing he would become a Curative Hypnotherapist in later years.  He moved around the UK, moved to Hungary and finally Shropshire

Suzanne Horobin talking her walk

Suzanne is a Holistic Therapist, a Reiki, and Seichim Master Teacher and has been in many meditation groups, healing and development circles to open & closed group sessions, to Ashram meditations.

Jenny Wilde-Knight talking her walk

Jenny has been surrounded by music her whole life so it was no surprise that she went on to do her Masters in Music at Birmingham Conservatoire. Settling down to a conventional lifestyle she is music therapist & more.

Hilary Pound talking her walk

Hilary Pound has travelled around the world. Born in Kendall she knew she was not going to settle there so with rucksack on her back she headed to France, then travelled to Canada, Holland, Israel before finally settling in Wiltshire

Dhyan Ji talking her walk

At 7 years old Dhyan Ji moved from England to the Osho Community in the US and the went to live in France and Spain. Wanting to become a fashion designer she then enrolled but it was not to be as she became ill.

Allison Timmins talking her walk

Allison was born in Shropshire and moved to Birmingham as a young woman to study nursing and became a specialist in renal care. A trip to the US set her on a path that saw her open Shropshire's first Angel shop.

Debbie Owen talking her walk

International retreat organiser Debbie started out as a professional dancer and singer after a 3-year course in London before opening a fitness studio in Shropshire which evolved into a beauty and holistic therapy business.

Penny Humphreys talking her walk

Penny wanted to be a nurse however when she started learning she met her husband and had a small family.  After 20 years being a legal secretary, Penny learned Reiki and went on to become a licensed Louise Hay Practitioner.

Tom Stacey talking his walk

A former Buddhist monk Tom left after 7 years and finally settled back in Shropshire opening one of the first fair trade shops.  Now Tom teaches yoga, sound healing and is a chant master holding online and physical courses.

Donna Walker talking her walk

From nursing to youth worker, Donna then went on to do a BSc in complementary therapies in her 50s and has studied various western and eastern holistic disciplines.  Donna goes around festivals offering talks and treatments. 

Carmen Lyndley talking her walk

Enduring school bullying and a violent first marriage, Carmen left and after working in Manchester moved to Shropshire where she set up a holistic centre and spa.  Carmen is now an International Health & Wellness Coach 

Dr Matthew Lindley talking his walk

When a rugby tackle broke his neck, a Stamford College researcher at the forefront of AI and computer research, did now know then that one day he would go on to be a holistic counsellor. 

Katherine Creuynni talking her walk

Katherine Creuynni became so ill at University she could not walk however went on to do a degree in Complementary Health and is now doing a Masters in Psychology and studied the Medicine Wheel and Meditation.

Andrea Proffitt talking her walk

Andrea Proffitt has travelled globally acquiring knowledge of indigenous people and their culture. Founder of the Cacou Club in Shrewsbury and Founder of the Sound Temple she offers 432hz crystal bowl sound baths all over Europe.

Amanda Vernalls talking her walk

Amanda Vernalls never thought when bullied at school and left with little qualifications that she would go on to open up her own business OmandalaSpirit and teach yoga and Reiki at the Centre for Integral Health in Shrewsbury, Shropshire  

Fab Ray talking his walk

Born in France, Fab came to the UK where he met his partner before moving to Banbury in Oxford then to Shrewsbury.  Fab is the Founder of Sacred Sound Guru and is the patron of a Kenyan orphanage which he fundraises for. 

Sue Rigby talking her walk

From banker to healer, Cheshire born Sue Rigby worked in banking for many years before being introduced to healing.  After a period of illness, Sue was introduced to Reiki and then to Quantum Touch Healing. 

Karen Yale talking her walk

Karen Yale left school with little qualifications and went on to get a degree in Aromatherapy.  As one of the UK's few Chakrascension Teachers, Karen has also qualified in many holistic disciplines and is a counsellor.

Mags O'Brien talking her walk

Mags O'Brien is an Advanced Soul Realignment ® Practitioner, a licensed Louise Hay 'Heal Your Life' Teacher. Mags mediumship is also used in guided meditations and inspired speaking directly from spirit in her talks and workshops. 

Annie Day talking her walk

When doctors told teacher Annie Day, she would never walk again after fracturing her coccyx, she went to see an osteopath and was walking within 2 hours.  She then went on to become one of the best-loved holistic teachers in Stafford.

Rosie Brown talking her walk

Rosie Brown knew from an early age she would work with her hands. After working in retail and IT, Rosie studied various holistic and spiritual practices before setting up her own company Tranquil Serenity in Telford. 

Suzanne McGill talking her walk

Suzanne McGill, Director, and Founder of Jehandra Ltd in Shifnal, Shropshire talks about living her childhood in North Wales to becoming an RAF wife and a move that involved her leaving her family.

Carla Rose Kelly talking her walk

Born in Canada, Carla Rose Kelly is now an International Speaker & Researcher in Medicine & Music. In 2019, she was awarded a Global Music Award for her PEACE song and teaches accredited sound healing courses.

Rob Chapman talking his walk

Druid Rob Chapman is a Hypnotist, Hypnosis Teacher, Meditation Teacher, Spiritual Coach & Author. Tasking himself with teaching meditation to 1 million people via Zoom for free and runs retreats throughout Europe.

Jayne Hopwood talking her walk

Jayne Hopwood, Director of JayDecor moved around a lot as a child, she studied art, business and the craft of wig making before moving to Greece. After 12 years in the Corporate World, she opened her own interior design company.

Keith Higgs talking his walk

Being told he was thick, being asked to leave the family home, Keith went to become the International author who wrote The Little Book of Love; Love Sex Nakedness & the Devine; Fly Back to Love; Take Control of your Spacecraft.  

Alison Rowena talking her walk

Alison Rowena was an air traffic controller for 20 years.  Born in Devon she finally moved to Shropshire and trained with a Wise Woman who taught her the Tarot, about herbs and other healing ways. 

Caroline Rolling talking her walk

After experiencing burnout, Caroline Rolling has gone on to become one of the UK's leading EFT Teachers, helping hundreds of people over the years and has also helped victims of war in Bosnia & Herzegovina.

Judy Fenton talking her walk

Judy Fenton has suffered breakdowns, divorce, job loss, and the horrendous loss of her son and despite feeling the lowest she possibly could she bounced back to become a well respected Reiki Master & Teacher in Shropshire. 

Marcus Matthews talking his walk

After 25 years working in the Army, Public and Private Sector as well as the UK Police as a serving officer, Marcus had a breakdown before training to become a Rapid Transformational Therapist.

Dr Anna Hayes talking her walk

From a scientific background and mindset Dr Anna Hayes was not looking to change her life when she was first introduced to an osteopath.  Now the UK's first ortho-bionomy practitioner, Anna practices from her centre in Ellesmere. 

Mike Barron talking his walk

Mike Barron, vice-chair of The College of Sound Healing, Sacred Drumming Tutor, Bowen Practitioner, and Reiki Master & Teacher.  He has a organic small holding in the Welsh borders and also works with ley lines.

Lisa Richards talking her walk

Grief Recovery specialist Lisa experienced many losses in my life which included her mother trying to end her life. Lisa then experienced a breakdown several years later.  Lisa then discovered a psycho - educational programme

Olly Boon talking his walk

Founder of The Roots Project, Director of Earth Repairs & Permaculture Practitioner, Olly discusses his life from being expelled from school to traveling South America learning more about indigenous peoples and their culture.

Ben Calder talking his walk

Ben Calder talks of his childhood, years as an outdoor instructor to his work as Director of the Centre for Integral Health Shrewsbury and creator of LifeForce Patterning and one of the worlds few LifeForce Qigong teachers.

Richard Down talking his walk

Internationally known Maestro Shaman Richard Down, left home at 14, homeless and on the streets in London he ended up in Australia for 15 years living the dream before moving back to Devon where he was born.