Clubhouse V Live Audio Rooms

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The benefits of Clubhouse

I am often asked what are the benefits of  Clubhouse membership?  Some of you may not know what Clubhouse is.  It is a podcast with a twist, listeners can participate in the conversations.  However at the moment it is only available to iphone users.  Also you need to know someone who is a member and ask that they invite you to join, so it makes it appear that much more exclusive.

Now this may not suit everyone, especially those who love to listen to podcasts when doing exercises or driving but that should not stop you as you can still listen without participating.  When looking into Clubhouse,  I researched various article and watched a multitude of short videos and found one from CNET on YouTube that really explained it all very quickly and easily, see below.

Currently Clubhouse is app that you can only get if you have an iphone but they are looking to create an Android app.

Facebook’s Live Audio Rooms

Facebook is looking to create a similar live audio broadcast, called Live Audio Rooms, and Fidji Simo, Head of Facebook App announced recently they expect it to be available to everyone by the summer of 2021.

Some of the benefits are that you can get in front of celebrities and other influencers by asking questions and hoping you will be selected to participate.  You can create closed rooms for colleagues and/or for customers.

Is this the future of podcasting?  Who knows, only the listeners will decide and some celebrity podcasters may  include Clubhouse or Live Audio Rooms in their many channels of communicating with you.

Listen to Ashley from CNET explain why you should consider Clubhouse.